Remote Player on PC

Mobile Phone remote control your computer media player.

You no longer need to sit in front of the monitor, use mouse to control player.

Support Remote Player on PC :

 - "Windows Media Player", 

 - "Potplayer", 

 - "KMPlayer", 

 - "PowerDVD", 

 - "WinDVD", 

 - "TotalMedia Theatre", 

 - "StormPlayer 暴风影音", 

 - "SPlayer 射手影音", 

 - "QQPlayer QQ影音" ,

 - "BaiduPlayer 百度影音"


You can easily browse your computer files by your phone, remote control from the mobile phone to open your own computer videos, music, pictures, DVD movies and other multimedia files, you can also control the computer from the phone play fast forward, rewind, adjust volume, switch audio and video files.



1. Make sure your computer and phone are connected to a WiFi network;

2. Make sure your computer has installed the appropriate player program;

3. PC remote control program needs to run on computer;